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We are Missionary Disciples

Led by the Holy Spirit and formed by the Scriptures, the Sacraments and Teaching of the Church, our task as Catholics of St John Vianney & St Monica’s and St Cuthbert’s, Blackpool is to draw all people to a new life in Christ.

Strongly committed to working with and within the Catholic Church, the Pope, the Bishops, clergy and lay people – and all Christians and people of good will – we dedicate ourselves daily to the mission of Christ’s Church and in particular we prioritise:

  1. Forming God’s People

We aim to:

a) Form all the baptised as missionary disciples through worship, prayer, the study of Scripture and learning the living teaching of the Church

b) Equip our parishioners for mature co-responsibility and service in the Church 

c) Use and engage with up-to-date catechetical materials for the benefit of all in parish

  1. Nurturing Young Disciples

We will:

a) Better equip our parishes for renewed ministry to children and young people 

b) Teach the faith more effectively to the children, the young and their families

c) Give young people a voice in the life of the Church and nurture them as leaders

  1. Offering Excellence in our Worship

We will:

a) Invest in, explain and share our vast and rich liturgical and devotional life 

b) Appreciate good and sound preaching and teaching

c) Celebrate the beauty of holiness through our Catholic patrimony of music and art

  1. Celebrating Sacramental Priesthood

We will:

a) Value and appreciate the ministry of our priests

b) Build confidence in the identity of the Church and the nature of the ministerial priesthood

c) Take active steps to promote and foster priestly vocations in our community

  1. Being Intentional in our Evangelisation Efforts

We will:

a) Support each parishioner in our joint evangelisation efforts

b) Work to develop a culture of invitation and warm hospitality in our community

c) Encourage new evangelizing initiatives and teaching events

  1. Caring for the Poor & the Environment

We will:

a) Be a prophetic voice for the poor and vulnerable

b) Re-commit ourselves to service for those most in need

c) Have a care for the environment – our common home