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Prayerful visits to our churches

As from Sunday 5th July 2020, and for an undetermined period (during the Covid-19 Pandemic), prayerful visits to our churches are around Mass/Service times only. This is because after each Mass/Service/Opening each church needs to be sanitized.

When visiting, strict social (physical) distancing measures – including the wearing of face-coverings – must be followed by all as guided by the stewards.


St John Vianney’s church opens from 8.30am and closes at 12 noon & opens again at 3.00pm to close again immediately after Benediction.

St Cuthbert’s opens at 9.30am and closes after Mass.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY (only on days when there is Mass in that particular church):

St John Vianney’s opens at 9.00am and closes at 10.30am.

St Cuthbert’s church opens at 9.30am and closes at 11.00am. On Thursday, however, opening is at 5.00pm and closes immediately after the 5.30pm Mass.


St John Vianney’s church will open at 9.00am and close at 10.30am and open again at 4.45pm and close again immediately after the evening Mass.

N.B: However, on a day when there is a funeral the opening times above will not apply. Instead, the church in question will open 30 minutes before the time of the funeral and will close immediately afterwards.

These opening times will be reviewed again based upon visiting numbers and volunteer stewards/cleaners.