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Leaving A Legacy

Remembering your parish in your Will is a wonderful way both to thank God for the blessings that you have received through your Faith and to help your parish to meet the needs of future generations.

  • Thinking about life after death should not be difficult for Christians!  Make sure you are prepared practically as well as spiritually. Whatever your age, write a Will and keep it up to date with your solicitor.
  • If you die without a Will, your loved ones could face a lot of trouble and expense, and a court could decide how your property is divided.
  • Many Christians give regularly and proportionately from their income. Why not give proportionately from your estate too?
  • A gift in your Will helps our churches to live out our dreams and mission in this community.
  • It’s a way to thank God for all the gifts of life and faith – and to hand them on to future generations.

What will the Parish do with my legacy?

Leaving a legacy to your parish is one of the most effective ways that you can support and safeguard its work and mission for future generations.

Our parishes are highly dependent on the generosity of individuals that support our mission. We need to build for the future and to undertake important projects that simply cannot be funded from regular income.

Leaving a legacy, regardless of its size, makes a real difference to our parishes.

  • All legacies are used to support the long-term development of the parish, its work and worship.
  • Leaving a gift in your Will can reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate, with none being spent on administration.


You can discuss legacies and related matters in confidence with Fr Etienne.